Spaces instead of tabs not applying to create/alter code

microUgly posted 5 years ago in General
The setting for using spaces instead of tabs doesn't apply to the code generated for create and alter statements. Is it possible to change that?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
That space-to-tab feature converts tabs which were typed via keyboard, not those which get prefilled by some automatic feature. These are two different things. But however, highly cosmetic if you ask me.
microUgly posted 5 years ago
I use HeidiSQL to get create and alter statements from a master database which is then applied to other servers through the commandline.

Tab characters conflicts with MySQLs default rehashing feature.

This is one of the few situations that the "tab/spaces" argument has a functional side effect--spaces are always safe, tabs are not. It's not a personal preference (although I am a "space" man).

Currently we have to make a conscience effort to replace tabs with spaces before recording SQL in our documents to ensure they always work.
microUgly posted 4 years ago
No chance then? I really thought that because tabs makes SQL statements less portable was good justification.

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