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Written by paulowelson
3 years ago
Category: General
3 posts since Wed, 08 Jun 11
to enter a value of an attribute with the decimal type HeidiSQL presents the 10th comma (,) instead of dot (.), as saved in the bank.
Written by ansgar
3 years ago
5045 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Very normal. HeidiSQL displays decimals with local formatting.
Written by lemon_juice
2 years ago
129 posts since Tue, 29 Jun 10
I find it would be a useful option to be able to turn off local formatting. When programming in any language only the dot is allowed as a decimal point, which makes copying and pasting a bit more tedious because each time I have to convert the comma to a dot. Even SQL itself doesn't accept commas. In most cases I need dots.

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