Date / Time field edit request

ColdFusion Afficianado posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
When you are editing a date time field it would be great if there was a right click menu option for "Set to NULL".

MySQL Workbench has it, but I prefer to stay in HeidiSQL.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
There is such a menu item. Just right click, then click "Insert value >", then click "NULL". Or just press Shift+Ctrl+N.
quixrick posted 4 years ago
Is There A Way That I Can Set My Default Timezone For HeidiSQL? I Live In Missouri (CDT) But The Servers Are Set To EDT. When I Right-Click And Insert Time, It Uses My Computer's Time Which Is An Hour Behind Server Time. Any Way That I Can Fix This?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Yes, in newer builds you can find a checkbox in the session manager, called "Set client timezone" - activate it and you're done.

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