Strange problems interfacing with an MSSQL database

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Lynysys Written by Lynysys
2 years ago
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Hi All,

I happened upon the HeidiSQL program a few weeks back and I've been very impressed with the visual representation it gives to complex databases and the ease of management.

That said, I seem to be having some issues when modifying an existing MSSQL database.
Alot of the times the queries will fail and present various error messages.

I have to admit to being something of an SQL Newbie but know a smattering.
Often copying the query into the query editor and modifying them slightly will let them go through.

For example, is there a way to tell HeidiSQL to not put as many conditions after the WHERE part of an UPDATE query?
FAILS: UPDATE "database" SET "name"='Fred Blogs' WHERE "ID"=32 AND "Shoesize"='16' AND "Favourite Food"='chips" AND ........
WORKS: UPDATE "database" SET "name"='Fred Blogs' WHERE "ID"=32

So every time I update a field name, I must copy/paste the attempted query into the query editor and pare it to the end of the "ID" part (All the ID's are unique so I don't need it specify any more parameters to help SQL locate the record)

There are other issues around adding column names also. But I was wondering if any of this could be symptomatic of my using MSSQL rather than a MySQL Server?

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give.

Kind regards,

ansgar Written by ansgar
2 years ago
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This is not so strange as you might think. HeidiSQL just does not detect and use primary keys on an mssql database. See issue #2946 for more details.

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