columns panel in data tab is not resizable

tntc4 posted 3 years ago in General
I have a table with long column names.
When I open data tab and try to select wich fields i want to show/hide, the panel who show colimn names is too tight and can't see full column names.
Please make this panel resizable at least.
jfalch posted 3 years ago
AFAIK, this panel IS resizable (v8.0.0.4472). Position your mouse cursor directly on the border between this and adjacent (query text) panel, and cursor should turn into the "horizontally resize" (<->).
tntc4 posted 3 years ago
I mean this panel.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Well you could guess the columns namesmileNo, I will see if I can add a horizontal scrollbar to that list control.
ansgar posted 2 years ago
The checklist box does not allow to add a horizontal scrollbar. Instead, r4487 turns that borderless dialog into a real tool window with a size-grip, which remembers its dimensions.

tntc4 posted 2 years ago
thank you guys. you are awesome. smile

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