Synchronizing Two Databases

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Written by fbachofner
11 months ago
Category: Feature discussion
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Your competitor SQLYog has a very cool feature which allows for synchronization of MySQL databases (on the same server or across servers: a complete database, certain tables, certain records, etc.; one-way, both-ways . . . more). [See "Database Synchronization Wizard" on the Powertools menu]

Even better, it allows for scheduling such jobs using the Windows Task Scheduler.

It is a great way of backing up databases and/or providing "replication" without getting into the task of actually replicating databases the "MySQL way" (which, I suppose may intimidate some people -- or is simply unavailable due to MySQL server permission constraints).

If there is one additional feature which could be added into HeidiSQL, it would be something like this that I would like to see.

Closely related, SQLYog also has a "Schema Synchronization Tool."

Is there a chance of adding either functionality?

If such feature requests are not generally on your "radar," can we set up a Kickstarter campaign or some sort of "bounty" to make it more interesting for you to consider?
Written by ansgar
11 months ago
4940 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
This is issue #1289, the most wanted feature by many users. Indeed I started to implement such a dialog some time ago, before I was frustrated by the high complexity of comparing rows, columns, providing them as checkboxes in a dialog and so on.

What most people don't realize is, the SQL export already can do something very close to such a synchronization. Well, you cannot schedule these, and they have a one-way-style. But this is what most people need. If you want to schedule, I would always recommend using mysqldump.exe to export from a server and mysql.exe to read into another server/database. Such commandlines can easily be scheduled by the Windows task planner, and the binaries from MySQL are rock stable.

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