r4504: decimal fields have to be entered with "." now (de locale), was ","

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Written by jfalchMoney, Euro
1 year ago
Category: Feature discussion
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on a system using german locale (/number settings), I suddenly have to enter decimal fields using "." to separate decimal places. Not a big deal to me, but I liked "," better... something to do with the "Edit raw numbers" change of 4504 ?
Written by ansgar
1 year ago
5023 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
You can activate Tools > Preferences > Data appearance > "Local number format". But editing, copying and pasting consequently uses unformatted numbers. See issue #3324 for discussion and bugreports on that topic.
Written by hogueMoney, Euro
8 months ago
1 posts since Mon, 06 Jan 14
Hello jfalch,

have you been able to solve this problem? I just have the same problem. Activating "Local number format" displays decimal with "." (point), but when inserting data in a fieldtype "decimal" heidi separtes the data with "," without ". So sql say Error 1136

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