Error in "Manage user authentication and privileges" in sql server session

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Written by anonimoftp
12 months ago
Category: HeidiSQL portable
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when i try to use the function "Manage user authentication and privileges" in sql server session ,i get an error. Below is the trace generated:

/* Error with snippets directory: The specified path was not found */
/* Delimiter changed to ; */
/* Connecting to ZIOBOB-PC\SQLEXPRESS via Microsoft SQL Server (named pipe, experimental), username ziobob, using password: Yes ... */
/* Connected. Thread-ID: 51 */
SELECT DATEDIFF(SECOND, "login_time", CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) FROM "master"."dbo"."sysprocesses" WHERE "spid"=1;
SELECT "name" FROM "sys"."databases" ORDER BY "name";
USE "msdb";
/* Entering session "Prova SQL" */
SELECT *, SCHEMA_NAME("schema_id") AS 'schema' FROM "msdb"."sys"."objects" WHERE "type" IN ('P', 'U', 'V', 'TR', 'FN');
SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'skip_name_resolve';
/ * SQL Error (156): Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'LIKE'. * /

System: WIN 7 64 Bit, SQL Server 9.0.5000, HeidiSQL Version

Thanks in advance for your assistance
Written by ansgar
12 months ago
5045 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Well, the user manager is a pure MySQL functionality. I guess there is not a single query in that dialog working on MSSQL too. I did not care too much here yet, as noone complained yet, and I have zero clue how to manage users on MSSQL. I guess we have again totally different approaches compared to MySQL - not with the GRANT and REVOKE commands. But if you like you could file a bug report and give some basic hints on how users are a) created b) edited c) deleted, how privileges are named and how user names are retrieved.
Written by anonimoftp
12 months ago
2 posts since Fri, 11 Oct 13
Thanks for the reply and congratulations for the excellent work. I'll try to send a few basic notions about managing users in a Microsoft SQL. Have a nice day

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