Won't connect using Windows 8.1

mogweb posted 2 years ago in Creating a connection
I have been running HeidiSQL under Windows 8 successfully for some time. I have now updated to 8.1 and none of my MYSql apps will connect to the server. I get error 2033 in SQL statement #0 in HeidiSQL. Is it incompatible with 8.1
TTSneko posted 2 years ago
Has nothing to do with HeidiSQL.

Windows 8.1 firewall problem which under certain circumstances blocks MySQL services, but not the main program itself (MySQL appears to be running correctly but it's services are blocked).

See Microsoft Support, XAMPP forum, stackoverflow.com, etc.
mogweb posted 1 year ago
Thanks, I tried to reinstall MySQL but got some message about having commercial items installed and the installation failed. It would't work until I uninstalled using CCleaner and cleaned the register. I also removed all the remaining MySQL folders. The installation worked and after I reinstalled all the connectors, Toad and HeidiSQL things seem to work. All my databases are intact.
TTSneko posted 1 year ago
Good point on the CCleaner/registry stuff, might help others with the same problem.

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