Connecting to MySQL on another windows machine

noa.drach posted 11 months ago in General
I saw several threads related to connecting to a remote sql instance and it looks like they are all related to OS other than windows - so i decided to post this question.

I'm using a W7 64bit machine and i try to connect to mysql that is installed on a Windows Server 2008 r2 machine - I use the TCP\IP connection option

and i keep getting the error message

SQL Error (1045) in statement #0: Access denied for user '<existing user>'@'<my ip>'

any ideas on what I should check?
ansgar posted 11 months ago
See the myriad of search results on that error message in Google.

Just some hints:
* This is totally unrelated to your OS, or the OS on which the server runs
* "Access denied" is mostly a privilege error. Your username in conjunction with the ip is not allowed to connect there.
* If you're sure the username exists on that server, watch out for the hostname configured in the account, and if that matches your client ip.
noa.drach posted 11 months ago
Got it (I think - the remote machine belongs to someone else and i need to wait for them to set the user so i can login).

The reason i posted this is because I saw several issues where SSH was discussed in relation to this error - so it through me off-track.


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