Updating to .4681 and running into trouble?

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Written by Curanai
9 months ago
Category: Installation
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Hi folks,

this is NOT a question - just a hint!

A few seconds ago I tried to update to the latest version of this EXCELLENT piece of software (I still love it!!!). For the first time, I received "Failed to update [...] heidisql.exe!". The program had stopped all tasks and didn't came back. Once more ... same happening, same message (something within "temp"-folder).

So, if you have the same problem, run your "heidi" as an administrator (right-mouse on icon for start-up) - after that, everything is fine and update is going well!

Just my ... nah, not even one cent! :D

@ansgar: First time ... for years - rly!
Written by ansgar
9 months ago
5045 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
r4680 forces the updater to run with administrator privileges. So, I guess you will never see that problem again from now on.

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