like hmmmm whats going on

kerry posted 11 months ago in General
i export as html from mysql workbench
and it works. i export from heidi the export works
but when i export from heidi the html file
is no place to be found. a sql table ie there
i see it in workbench and heidi. but i get a error
that it dont exist.and it existed yesterday
TTSneko posted 11 months ago
As far as you describe, you probably had "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" active or screwed up by activating FILE but not giving the export dialog a filename.
kerry posted 11 months ago
found it. fixed now. but
is there a way I can make collumns 100 percent in width.
to shrink and expand with any screen res. I see word wrap works n html mode
TTSneko posted 11 months ago
The export-to-HTML merely creates a basic table. If you have to change the display, open your HTML result with a TXT-Editor and change the values accordingly, e.g.

table, td {border: 1px solid silver;}


table, td {border: 1px solid silver;width:100%;}

That however only stretches the whole table; the corresponding data rows are fixed width values, you should adapt them to percentages, e.g.:

thead .col1 {width: 200px;}


thead .col1 {width: 15%;}

or such, depending on the displayed data.
TTSneko posted 11 months ago
Sorry, screwed up there ... change:

table {border-collapse: collapse;}

to :

table {border-collapse: collapse; width:100%;}

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