Would be nice not to have to ENTER into a field when entering a new record

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Written by justindlong
8 months ago
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First let me say that I love HeidiSQL. (Partly because my wife's name is Heidi. Also because it is, bar none, for Windows, the best SQL client I've encountered.) I love all the recent changes.

I do a lot of data entry on one particularly large database (12,745 rows, more coming). I love that I can down arrow to a new record.

What would be nice is, when I down arrow, not to have to press ENTER to begin typing in the first field when I'm on a new record. Several times I've started typing (used to Access) and found myself "searching" the current table rather than starting to enter data into the new field.

I don't know if that's an easy thing to do or not. I note that you have stopped doing edits and I pray your medical problems are resolved.

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