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Philips10 posted 2 years ago in General

To install the newest version of XAMPP, I had to remove
(using the uninstall application of XAMPP self)
to prior installation (from c:\xampp as I have Windows Vista).

Despite all attempts, I could not install it.

So I did download the zip-file containing all of the files
and unzipped all to c:\xampp.

But now I can not retrieve the retrieve the default username
and password (used to be 'root' for both).

If reading out is out of the question, reseting should be
the solution. Can I do this with the command-line-mode
cmd and then cd c:\xampp\mysql\bin and then use mysql or

Thanks in advance and kind Regards
Philips10 posted 2 years ago
I meant of course
... use mysql or mysqladmin
jfalch posted 2 years ago
definitively off-topic. this is a forum about a particular mysql client; on the completely unrelated "how to uninstall xampp", post to an xampp forum.
Philips10 posted 2 years ago
I know and have found the solution googling around:

$ mysqladmin -u root -p'oldpassword' password 'NEWPASSWORD'

Still: it does concern MySql...
jfalch posted 2 years ago
not everything that concerns mysql is automatically a valid topic in this forum.

Philips10 posted 1 year ago
OK, sorry, won't happen again..

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