Export Grid Rows

rpahl posted 10 months ago in General
The Export Grid Rows on 8.3 was "grayed" out and says ", Export Grid Rows"... I reinstalled 8.2 and it says the same thing. I will explore more deeply since it followed my 8.2 back on my machine and it could be a file or registry. Am I missing something, perhaps someone can assist so I am not trying to find easter eggs on this.
rpahl posted 10 months ago

hmm... cleanned registry, deleted installed version, went all the way back to V7, sill has it unavailable ", export grid rows"... must be something on the server side?...
ansgar posted 9 months ago
Where do you click to get that "Export grid rows"? It's only working in a result grid.
rpahl posted 9 months ago
I was probably hung over, I had not the table open, I do it often (duh)

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