java update hack

kerry posted 1 year ago in General
this site
warnds of a java update hack. to know if you been hacked go to java and unccheck the
check for updates automaticly box. then exit and then go back. if check for updates box is still checked
you been hacked. as long as you did not download and install it your ok. heres what to do
load the java padge again but this time as adminstrator. make the change then quit.
this time it will work. thats what i did now its on vecation.
ansgar posted 1 year ago
What the hell has this to do with HeidiSQL, man??
kerry posted 1 year ago
maybe nothing
but don't MySQL workbench use java
you use your computer for sql man... you must have java
if your system is messed up you cant use java securely
but update your java if you think im off the wall

jfalch posted 1 year ago
"you use your computer for sql man... you must have java"
not at all. it is very much possible to use sql from different programming languages (eg delphi, c++, python, ruby) without ever touching java.
this is definitively off-topic; we are not interested in java stuff in this forum.
kerry posted 1 year ago
and what do uou use to use differend programing the phone..
a corrupt java update can do the same to your system
without your system you got no sql
i gave the link on this alert and showed how how
to protect your system from it so you wont have
to disable java. windows 8 and 8.1 and the other
versions come with jave needed for the windows system.
its not about being on topic. im done i did my best

jfalch posted 1 year ago
this is a support forum about the heidisql client software. besides feature and error discussions, also help on sql usage and server connection problems are topics here.

i think that your intent was good, but this is definitively not a forum about everything loosely related to computers that you think is important. that is what "off topic" means. if you want a forum where all your thoughts are important, set up one for yourself.

"and what do uou use to use differend programing the phone.." i cannot understand this sentence. but anyhow, this forum has nothing to do with "programing the phone".

"a corrupt java update can do the same to your system". there are java forums out there to handle this.

"its not about being on topic". o yes it is. when you post in a theme-centric forum like this one, being "on topic", eg posting something really belonging in this forum, is a prerequisite to do so.

"im done i did my best". Yes, I think so, too. But what you think your best is, in this case, not desired here.
ansgar posted 1 year ago
I think kerry is drunk :)
kerry posted 1 year ago
eg posting something really belonging in this forum, is a prerequisite to do so????

but its not importaint if someone hacks jave to mess up your computer system?
I think this has everything to do with heidisql and MySQL
I think we should broaden our thinking of this
and it is on topic because the sql apps on your computer
and java forums wont do any good after your java gets hacked.
get to the root of the meening of what I am trying to warn of
TTSneko posted 1 year ago
Fact (a): that article is well over a year old. Even if it gave good advice back then, THOSE security flaws have long gone (to be replaced by new ones, of course).

Fact (b): nobody really caring about security uses JAVA or JAVAscript; many companies block in-house use via system administration.


As both products are in the news constantly, their flaws are well known. Warning others about 'yet another' potential flaw in a notoriously unreliable software therefore is pointless, just like warning people that using "password" as password is stupid or that formatting a hard drive leads to data loss.

If you personally prefer to use JAVA/JAVAscript, it's none of our business. With other words: you are pointing at the more-than-obvious and this is a forum for HeidiSQL, not for common life aid. If you want to be praised for posting nonsense, try Facefook. Which, by the way, demands that the user activates JAVAscript ...

Oh no! More Lemmings ! ;)

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