Remember queries between sessions (?RFC)

TimR posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi all,

I'm familiar with the EMS Browser/MyManager product and one of the nicest features it has is the automatic saving of a queries between sessions.

I can't find an equivelent in Heidi to save the 'Query' tab(s) contents between sessions (except for saving to file and then manually loading it next session).

Could such a feature be implemented in Heidi?
Apologies if it's already there, I'm a new user and I haven't spotted it!

ansgar posted 3 years ago
You can use the "Query history" on the right panel of a query tab. All queries are saved automatically, even with the time they needed to execute, and the date/time when you fired them. SQL queries need to be smaller than 1MB to get into the query history.

You can also turn off this feature, in Tools > Preferences > Logging.
TimR posted 3 years ago
Very nice, thanks :-)

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