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vanee posted 10 months ago in General
Is it possible to generate report using Heidi SQL
I need urgent reply.
ansgar posted 10 months ago
You mean a printable report of data rows?

Not directly. But here's how I do it all of the time:
Use right click on a query result, click "Export grid rows". Then select "HTML output" and finetune other wanted options. Press "OK" and the file HeidiSQL then produces is what can be called a report. Well, not exactly, but I'm not sure if the word "report" is such exactly defined. You can also just copy all to clipboard and then paste into MS Word or OpenOffice Writer or whatever. Works nice.
vanee posted 10 months ago
ohh thank you for the reply. i will test out this smile
vanee posted 10 months ago
i tested it just now and it works. amazing!! happy
first i open the table. next i right click on selected row of data. then i choose 'export grid rows'. then under 'output target' i select the file location to save this file. then under 'output format' i select html table. next, click ok. finally i open the file where i saved it and tested using Notepad++. Done!!
vanee posted 10 months ago
i have one more question.
if i want it to be automated using php by enable it to filter by date is it possible?

jfalch posted 10 months ago
yes. you have to write a php programm that accesses your database, using the same authentication data as you are using in heidisql, and then the same sql query as in heidisql; and then your program has to process the data and output them as csv to the browser. look here for specifying header()s to get a downloadable .csv file instead of displayed data.
vanee posted 9 months ago
yes it works. thank you :)

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