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Written by John Bell
5 months ago
Category: General
8 posts since Sun, 10 Nov 13
i have two minor suggestions
1) the field completion in the query window picks up the first table in the window even if it the query is commented out. Not a big problem but sometimes i am digging into data and have queries which i am commenting out so i can go back to them if needed.
2) the query editor shows a line as commented out with two dashes rather than two dashes and a space. very small problem but i do admit it confused me when i first started with MySQL and HeideSQL.

Finally -- thanks for a great product!
Written by justpusherMoney, Euro
4 months ago
28 posts since Wed, 31 Mar 10
I support point 2. This is rather confusing, and should be easy to fix.
Written by ansgar
4 months ago
5012 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Wrong comments with missing space: see here

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