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Written by Timo Trallala
8 years ago
Category: General
1 posts since Sun, 21 Jan 07

I've a little problem using heidisql. I'm testing a dynamic menu-contoll. To keep a cleary arrangement I wish to reindex a autoincement field.

Does anyone knowes a simple solution?

Written by rosenfield
8 years ago
127 posts since Wed, 24 Jan 07
Under 'Export', the 'Data' combo box currently has these to offer:

- Replace (truncates existing data)
- Insert (fails on existing data)
- Insert new (ignores existing data)
- Update (updates matching data)

We could add another option:

- Append

Which would find all columns marked auto_increment and replace their contents with NULL in the exported file. The net effect would be that once imported, those rows would be assigned new autoincrement numbers.

Perhaps that would do what you want?

I don't have time to hack at it right now, but feel free to download the source codes and have a go at it. There's a developer's readme and all :).

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