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Written by Dartdog
4 weeks ago
Category: General
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I Love Heidi, but one thing that is very distracting is that it does not seem to be able to count records (rows) accurately and consistently, I often copy tables for backup before processing against them, the record count inflates on the copy.. I don't have much confidence in other record counts eg updated etc.. The table summary view is pretty useless for record count

The record display says something like "xx records approximately..." This is a computer can we get accurate record counts???

I use record counts as a cross check that things are doing what they are supposed to do but it is very challenging with Heidi!
Written by jfalchMoney, Euro
3 weeks ago
383 posts since Sat, 17 Oct 09
you are probably using InnoDB tables. Row counts provided by the InnoDb engine as metadata are estimates, but fast; it is possible to obtain an exact rowcount (select count(*) from), but this is much slower. That´s why heidisql uses the inexact but fast rowcount in this one case.

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