[BUG] Fetching remote list of databases...

koter84 posted 9 years ago in General
When i try to export a table there is a option "Another host and database".
If i click on the radiobutton there is a little pop-up which says "Fetching remote list of databases...", but it stays on this option for at least 30 min.

It doesn't give an error or anything. I guess that it is just not implemented and therefore it's not really a bug. But just to be certain i am placing it here.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
You'll be happy to know that this has already been fixed (in trunk) ;-).

Workaround: Export to SQL file, then load that file from the other

koter84 posted 9 years ago

i did indeed use the .sql export, but since it was a big table i thought it might be faster to copy it from server to server directly instead of using a .sql

So is it faster? or is it just more convenient to copy from server to server?
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Neither should be faster. The file is not held in memory and therefore should not be slower than the direct export. The problem is more the result-set itself, which is in both methods held in memory. That's a problem we're going to adress sometime.
superspace posted 9 years ago
Looking forward for this one in the next release :)

ansgar posted 9 years ago
Yes, we have it solved for the coming release.

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