how create relationship?

westmatrix posted 9 years ago in General
How create relationship?
Using this heidisql I do not see an option to create a relationship?
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Management of foreign keys is not yet implemented in HeidiSQL.
westmatrix posted 9 years ago
Thanks, any idea when it will?

ansgar posted 9 years ago
No clue, we have so many feature-requests at http://rfe.heidisql.com/ . Sounds like a good feature for 4.0 :)
andrei posted 9 years ago
IMHO the foreign keys management is very important in any database management system; it's an essential feature;
all the databases we work with use foreign keys.
It seems I will not be able to use heidy sql too soon if only in version 4.0 it will have foreign keys management .
siMKin posted 9 years ago
yes and no
they are important for data-integrity, but as such they are only usefull when you use innodb. and since the most popular mysql engine is still myisam ....
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Foreign keys were implemented recently, btw. See it in action in a developer build.

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