unicode/utf8 support

Raigedas posted 8 years ago in General
is there a unicode/utf8 support ?
Pedja posted 8 years ago
Oh yes and it is very good. You just have to set table fields in proper codepage. HeidiSQL would allow you to edit them naturaly.
Raigedas posted 8 years ago
what do you mean codepage? character set?

CREATE TABLE mytable (
myfieldchar(50) CHARACTER SET utf8

isn't this enough?

Pedja posted 7 years ago
Yes, that is enough.

Make sure, that if you change table structure to set codepage, yu have to close connection to database and reconnect, to make HeidiSQL see change.
Raigedas posted 7 years ago
yes, i have reopened HeidiSQL....

i have captured my screen to swf video, please look at it:

you see:
1. first i inserted english characters only,
2. then my own language characters that are set as default on my computer
3. and then i have inserted foreign characters, but they are turned into question marks after post.

what i may be doing wrong? : (


rosenfield posted 7 years ago
HeidiSQL uses the ANSI version of various Windows components. This means that HeidiSQL can only use those UTF-8 characters that are present in your local Windows code page.

If you wish to use characters not in your local code page, you can switch your windows ANSI code page via the control panel and restart HeidiSQL.

Alternatively, if you have the time you can download the source code and convert HeidiSQL to use the WIDE version of Windows components. It should not be too hard to do using something like the TNT unicode components. They used to be free, but have recently been acquired and have had a price tag attached. Luckily there are derivatives that are still free, fx: http://mh-nexus.de/tntunicodecontrols.htm . The HeidiSQL developers are usually very helpful, if you should decide to throw some energy at the source code.

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