JDBC call over network

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Thotheolh Written by Thotheolh
7 years ago
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Hi. Is it possible to do a JDBC call over network? An example is that a machine is running an application server and another machine is running a MySQL database. Can I use JDBC call from the application server in one machine to call the MySQL database in another machine ?

How can that be done if it is possible ?
jan Written by jan
7 years ago
15 posts since Wed, 15 Aug 07
as the name JDBC said, JDBC is the database-access-layer for JAVA. What has Java todo with Heidi? If you want to use an Java Frontent to your mysql, just google.

Heidi is done with Delphi and uses the ZEOS-Framework for db-connecting. JDBC is far far away.

If you want to connect to your database over the network, just enter the server-name in the "Connection.."-Dialog.

or are you off-topic and your problem hasn't to do anything with heidi?

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