Connecting to a hosted MySQL database from my own pc

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Written by johnain
5 years ago
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Hi all.

I an new so I aplogise in advance if this is an obvious question.

I love this tool and I am not keen on PhpMyAdmin so I would like to connect to my remote, hosted database from my local pc which has Heidi mountd.

I know the IP address, the host access duser and password as well as the database users and passwords.

But I cannot get a connect.

I go into Session manager and I enter ...
the host IP in the format 11.22.333.444/localhost
(actually I have tried with and without localhost on the end).
the User/Password (I have tried system access user and database user/password)
the Port - which I have left as 3306 - the one offered.

I get an error pop-up : "Could not establish connection! Details
SQL Error: Can't connect to MySQL server on '11.22.333.444' (10060)

Can anybody help please
Regards and thanks.

Written by ansgar
5 years ago
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Written by ectimo
5 years ago
9 posts since Wed, 04 Nov 09
This may hold some answers for you!!!

Unable to establish a connection with DB using HeidiSQL

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