Looking forward to jHeidi

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Written by darren
7 years ago
Category: jHeidi (discontinued)
1 posts since Thu, 06 Mar 08
This is great news! I downloaded the alpha and it looks promising. Because I use a Mac as well as Windows, this would be a great tool to use across both environments. I really hope jHeidi becomes just as robust as HeidiSQL. Thanks and I wish you well!

Written by Radical
6 years ago
1 posts since Mon, 30 Oct 06
This is great news... I installed and it works fine... on Fedora 8...

I hope it gets very close to HeidiSQL.
Written by servertude
6 years ago
39 posts since Wed, 27 Feb 08
Thanks for your interest in jHeidi. While in alpha the concentration is on stabilizing the basic feature set. This will take a few more alpha releases.

Also we will be introducing some intelligent caching, background processing, and a few other bells and whistles along the way such as autoupdate check so you always have the latest jHeidi.


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