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Written by Saturday3AM
7 years ago
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I'm creating an international website on which the users should be able to write in any language. My database is set to UTF-8 but when I enter some non-latin characters into a column through HeidiSQL they change into question marks (?). When I enter the same characters through the website encoded in UTF-8 they are stored and displayed correctly on the website so I'm guessing it's just the HeidiSQL application that can't display or edit them.

Even if I have entered the characters through the website, this is what I see when trying to look at them in HeidiSQL:


I searched the forums and found that you should run the query SET NAMES utf8 after connecting but it just changed from question marks to this:

Written by kalvaro
7 years ago
599 posts since Thu, 29 Nov 07
I'd say HeidiSQL lacks full support for UTF-8. Even if you change settings to use a font like Arial Unicode you'll get question marks. Even more, data inserted from HeidiSQL seems to be corrupted.

Full Unicode support is a good wish for version 4 ;-)
Written by ansgar
7 years ago
5045 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Yes, definitely. And we definitely need some Delphi assistance for making the rest UTF-8 compatible. What we made yet is:
- Switch to the unicode enabled version of SynEdit (The query editor)
- Drop SMDBGrid and use a unicode enabled DBGrid (TNT)
- Use the unicode capable VirtualTreeView as replacements for all TListViews
- Add pulldowns for selecting charset at table and database creation/altering.

The remaining part is the Zeos Lib which is not unicode capable as far as I know. Any hints on that?
Written by enjoyman
7 years ago
3 posts since Thu, 27 Mar 08
When were Heidi 4 released?
Written by BadMax
6 years ago
1 posts since Tue, 03 Jun 08
I'm new here. First, anse, thanx for a great product -- gut gemacht!

I had a problem with loading data containing east-European characters; I solved it by putting SET NAMES latin2; in my SQL file before the INSERTs.

But while searching for a solution I found this thread, and once I got the info it was easy enough to post it here.

It appears Zeos can work with Unicode (utf8?) and MySql; see

Perhaps this howto can help regarding that:

Hope this helps; unicode support would be cool.
Written by rosenfield
6 years ago
127 posts since Wed, 24 Jan 07
Hello BadMax,

The information in this forum topic is outdated. The HeidiSQL team has already put significant effort into making Zeos UTF-8 compatible, as you can experience in a nightly build. See the change log (svn revision history for path "/components/zeosdbo") for details.

The remaining issues are sql query / string handling in HeidiSQL, which needs to be converted from string to WideString and char to WideChar.

Some things will work and use UTF-8 in the current nightly build, other things are broken.

As for HeidiSQL 4, no, it has not been released, and no date has been set.

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