How to Import a .CSV file.

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Written by dougins99
6 years ago
Category: Import/Export
3 posts since Mon, 14 Apr 08
I have tried to import a .CSV file with no luck. The field names are the same.

Anyone have idea?
Written by kalvaro
6 years ago
562 posts since Thu, 29 Nov 07
In what way did you have no luck? If all the information you give is it doesn't work we can't tell you more than there must be something wrong :wink:
Written by dhivya
2 years ago
1 posts since Tue, 10 Jan 12
hi all,
when i tried to import .csv file into database, i'm getting no errors or no successful message. i cant find what is happening. after selecting filename , what do i need to give in terminated by, enclosed by, escaped by fields.. and also in line fields..
any idea?
Written by ansgar
2 years ago
4784 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
You have to specify the control characters which were used to create the CSV file. For example ";" as field separator, and "\r\n" as line end. But I can't tell you the right values - you will have to look into your CSV file in order to find the right chars.

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