SQL Formatting

jason.fonseca posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion

When I look at the code for a view the SQL is formatted is it should be straight from the mysql database. It looks terrible.

Can you consider the following features
1. Enable the "ctrl+f" in that view screen
2. Enable the source formatting in that view screen

With the source formatting, can you please have an option to put each SELECT field on a new line? something so simple as this would make a view's sql much much more readable. The sql goes on for ages and even wordwrap can't make it more pretty. Just need a new line after each comma.

Thank you so much, heidi sql is fantastic software !
ansgar posted 6 years ago
SQL reformatting is already implemented - Ctrl+F8 is the default shortcut. Works in the view code editor, as well as in all other SQL editors.
jason.fonseca posted 5 years ago
Unfortunately the sql formatting falls well short to format a view from mysql. See here: http://bugs.heidisql.com/2132

Also Ctrl+f doesn't work in the view screen.

I would love to see this improved as heidi is such a fantastic application
jason.fonseca posted 5 years ago
That link again:
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Reasonable: r3496 enables the search + replace dialog for all SynMemo's, including the VIEW editor.

Formatting should be discussed in issue #2132.

jason.fonseca posted 5 years ago
Wow, thank you! excellent support. much appreciated.

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