Best Host For SSL hosting of WAMP that HeidiSQL will connect to

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Written by kezMoney, Euro
4 years ago
Category: General
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Hi folks,
Any recommendation on full functionally **secure** web host for WAMP or LAMP and HeidiSQL connection hosting of web pages with Drupal ?
Web host ideally should have all the bits and pieces without later discovery that have to change hosts becasue some functionallity restricted etc.
Written by MrMr
3 years ago
11 posts since Mon, 07 Feb 11
I don't have any recommendation but I agree that you must have some kind of Security build in. If a host don't give you a possibility to connect to sql via SSH or SSL they don't care about security. Probobly better to find someone else since you will be hacked or your data will be stolen sooner or later. Security is the bigest concern on the web

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