SQL Error (1103): Incorrect table name ''

lemon_juice posted 6 years ago in General
I have found the following bug in build 3568:

1. Click any table in the left tree so that the column listing is visible to the right

2. Click on the database name in the left tree and this error pops up: SQL Error (1103): Incorrect table name ''. Both left and right click cause this error.

This doesn't seem to cause any other problems apart from this little annoyance.
dbfocus posted 6 years ago
i am using 3575 and confirm that i also have same bug
marcvern posted 6 years ago
the same with version
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Fixed in r3578
dbfocus posted 5 years ago

marcvern posted 5 years ago
indeed all ok now. smile

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