Automatic Refresh

muzza4 posted 8 years ago in General
Hi Anse,

This new function is just what I need, since it can be used to keep the connection live.

How do I save my settings so that they are automatically used next time I open Heidi?

ansgar posted 8 years ago
The auto refresh setting is not yet saved and restored. Would that be good if we start auto-refreshing immediately after connecting? I don't think so. But at least the interval could be saved as that is customizable.
muzza4 posted 7 years ago
Hi Anse,

I'm setting the Interval to 600 just so that the session keeps alive. In my view adding another option called Set Active Permanently would be useful (along with retaining the Interval setting of course).

ansgar posted 7 years ago
You don't need to keep your connection alive. HeidiSQL is capable of reconnecting on demand, without any popup or so. So I can't find a reason to permanently keep this setting across sessions. But why not if some may find it useful. You should post a feature request.

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