TEXT field editor placement

le_plop posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
Firstly, Anse (and co)... many thanks for working on such a great tool - it is so refreshing and fast to use compared to using a web browser and PhpMyAdmin! Keep up the good work!

I currently use 3.2 #1129, but thought I'd take a look at v4 and see how it differs.

The most significant difference that I'm having 'culture shock' with, is the change from viewing TEXT content in the bottom BLOB-editor tab, to a popup window.

Is there any likelyhood of this option coming back, as the screen space is still there (as the SQL log), and I think it's really useful being able to view (and then edit) the contents of a large field in one click, without opening the popup.

Would hope the answer's yes, though I guess I'll just have to get used to it if not! :o)

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Yea, heard that argument several times before. Only I didn't have an idea how to overcome this culture shock yet. Until now: Just had the idea to make the popup editor stay on top and non-modal after leaving a text cell. Sounds like a good compromise does it?
le_plop posted 7 years ago
Not sure why you can't use a similar tabbed interface at bottom as before - though I assume it's because v4 uses a completely different implementation for interface as v3?

Yes, perhaps you could allow option to lock the edit box at a set point/area of screen - then if not needed, users can choose to remove box when they've finished with it. Others - like myself - could keep the 'editor' open at all times making for much quicker editing of multiple text fields.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
It was removed due to usability reasons. Mainly because many users including me were busy clicking the tabs on the bottom page control to switch between the BLOB editor and the SQL log - that was a pain. Now we have a new window we could do it as suggested.
le_plop posted 6 years ago
Yeah, can understand that every user has his-her preferences, so fair play. Shame that I feel differently! :)

Anyway, if you could work it to allow the box to stay open, and locked in an area of the screen, I'd very much welcome it!

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