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Written by Masterkey021
6 years ago
Category: Creating a connection
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I have recently downloaded heidisql to make custom vendors in the game: 'world of warcraft' when going into heidisql i see that i have no idea what the hostname, username, port and password are supposed to be, is there anywhere in my files in my world of warcraft repack or a system that will tell me it? help is appreciated.

(by the way, the above poll is just to see how many of you guys are good at servers so i know am rough time of how quick my questions would be answered, since this is my first post and i am new to the forums and don't know anyone)
Written by Frederik99
5 years ago
7 posts since Sat, 26 Sep 09
Hostname/IP is just ''localhost'' (without the '') or it can also be
user is ''root''
password is diffrent I don't know what repack you use but ft you use Arcemu it shud be Ascent
The port is default 3306:)

i hope it work..

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