Navigate by double-click on foreign key columns in Data and Query

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Written by jan.mazanek@abeo.cz
3 years ago
Category: Feature discussion
1 posts since Sun, 17 Jul 11
Hi, would be nice to have possibility to:
1) move to referenced table row by double-clicking on any foreigh keys data cell (from "Data" and "Query" tabs)

2) [optionally] use browser-like buttons Back and Forward to navigate through previously visited "pages"
Written by pionect
2 years ago
3 posts since Tue, 12 Jun 12
I would really appreciate the feature of navigating to an entry by clicking on the value in the 'Data' tab.

When I've configured all the foreign keys it would save a lot of time to navigate from table-entry to table-entry if you could simply CTRL-click it for example.
Written by Rvanlaak
2 years ago
25 posts since Sat, 25 Dec 10
This indeed could be a very usefull feature. I've added it to the Google Code issue tracker. http://code.google.com/p/heidisql/issues/detail?id=2899

In my opinion this makes using HeidiSQL less error prone.

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