Request for an improvement/bugfix

kondybas posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
Is it possible to change the default behaviour of data grid?

Old "Heidi" behaviour allow to select a record by single left-click, and goes to the field edit-mode by left double-click. In portable version (???? till 2543) all goes upside downunhappySingle left click immediately drive clicked field into the edit-mode, and right-click select a record with dropdown context menu. When I want to select a few records that becomes a bit tricky game...

If you please, turn back familiar "old-fashion" behaviour.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Guess this is the issue you should comment on.
kondybas posted 6 years ago

anse wrote: Guess this is the issue you should comment on.


Sorry for thread, I've register on the forum just for that suggestion, everything else with "Heidi" is quite fine - even in development state. But that feature has disorient me. Also agree with issue - that's may cause not only inconvenience but data damage too.

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