New feature: Table filter

CowChris posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
There's a Database filter beneath the list of databases which allows you to quickly pinpoint a database within a list.

However, there's no equivalent if you're trying to find a table within a database.

Maybe the filter could accept "database.table" or some similar functionality...

Hope this gets implemented!
CowChris posted 6 years ago
To note, I am using Version 7
kalvaro posted 6 years ago
You can select a database in the left tree and then switch to the "Database" tab, where all tables are listed. If the filter panel is not visible, you can go to "Edit-> Filter panel".
CowChris posted 6 years ago
Hi Kalvaro,

I do think it would be much more intuitive to have the database filter accept tables as well. Instead of having effectively a two stage filter process (ie, 1) Find database 2) Find table - I'd like to instead 1) Find database.table)

This is then an interface improvement as opposed to a feature request. :)

Hope that helps.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
See issue #2697
microUgly posted 5 years ago
This issue was marked as won't fix about a month ago. This is really unfortunate.

I don't know about others, but I never use the database filter. I don't have so many databases that I can't identfy the one I need at a glance. However, I have significantly more tables than databases and have to scroll to see them all. And many have very similar names.

I would use a table filter every single time I wanted to view a table. But a DB filter, I never use--it's kinda pointless.
aniolekx posted 5 years ago
i would be nice to have tables filter instead of this database filter
toddm posted 5 years ago
How could this be marked as don't fix? It is one of the more important features.
CowChris posted 5 years ago
I agree... :(

Maybe the HeidiSQL team should think outside the box a little...
toddm posted 5 years ago
At least a reason why you wouldn't implement it.
The program is great the only flaw is not being about to filter the tables.

another great feature would be a table bucket. sometimes im only working on 2 or 3 tables that are scattered about the database. i'd like to put those tables in a bucket so those are the only tables i see.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Again marked as accepted now. But I definitely need a nice idea. I have none.
microUgly posted 5 years ago
I like the bucket idea, but perhaps should be discussed as a separate feature?
CowChris posted 5 years ago
I'll screencast the way Sequel Pro on a mac does it today and post it here, its dead simple.
CowChris posted 5 years ago
Sequel Pros table filter.

jx0260 posted 4 years ago
please update to version 8.
This version can fulfill you need.
CowChris posted 4 years ago
Very useful, thank you! :)
jx0260 posted 4 years ago
It's my pleasure! :)
Rapid-eraser posted 4 years ago
I think there is a bug introduced after the latest update,

if you use database or table filter and to some change that heidi trigers a refresh of the sessions/database/table tree
list is populated again but filters are ignored.happy

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