Copy row[s] or column[s] name [data]

solovej posted 6 years ago in General

Will be very helpful if you can make possibility to copy selected rows or columns in table.
Sometimes I have task to write columns name, but I cant to copy it, therefore I should to write manually, one by one.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Where do you write? In the query editor I guess. There is a tree node "Columns in <table>" on the very right top, and you can copy names from it, even multiple ones comma separated, you can create INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE query by right click etc.
solovej posted 6 years ago
It is good solution, but I write sql query not in Heidisql.
$sql ='SELECT id, address FROM user';
I have many columns and click in every table - little bit uncomfortable.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
You are writing PHP code? Well, what do you expect from HeidiSQL if you are not working in HeidiSQL??
solovej posted 6 years ago
I did not said "I am not working in HeidiSQL", I work in HeidiSQL everyday. I like it.
Therefore I said which function will be very helpful.
Copy selected column names.
Copy selected row names.

For example:
Table `cars`.
column names:
so, 200 columns.
Sure I can click 200 times in query tree node... But will be much better if I can to select columns and click one's a time and gets names.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Hm you wrote "I write sql query not in Heidisql", so I thought you are talking about a totally different tool. Anyway.

You can of course select multiple rows by dragging a rectangle over these columns. You do not need to click each of these 200 columns separately.

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