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kiga posted 6 years ago in General
Greetings from Russia.

First of all, thx for very usefull application.

It would be nice to add some shortcuts for switch between sql-query editing.
Ctrl+PageDown for move forward.
Ctrl+PageUp for go back.

This shortcuts used in Firefox, Google Chrome, Eclipse and some other popular IDE.

Also it would be nice to add filter for tables in database. In our structure database contain above 100 tables. Many tables have "human"-prefix group (resellers_, users_, checkout_, etc). Adding a filter would be a great addition.

Thanks again for a good application.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Shortcuts are customizable, via Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts. Not sure what you mean by "move forward" in a query, probably you mean "scroll down"?

Tables can be filtered, although not in the tree but in the database object list. Click Edit > Filter panel [Ctrl+Alt+F] to see it. This displays a "live" filter editor below the object list.
kiga posted 6 years ago
Sorry guys.

I reconfigured hotkeys and the issue was dropped by itself. In any case, thanks for your reply.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
No need to be sorry, all still alive here :)
Rvanlaak posted 5 years ago
Because of this topic i've found the 'filter panel'. It really works great!

In my opinion it should be visible by default, on the same place as it is now. The whitespace on the right of the filter-field could be used to show the filtering history...

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