Cannot copy or paste

ianbram posted 5 years ago in General
This is driving me crazy.
I cannot copy or paste in HeidiSql either from within the application itself (one query window to another) or into an external application (eg: notepad)
I can copy from an external application into HeidiSql.

Can anyone help?
BubikolRamios posted 5 years ago
Works for me, doh I seen that behaviour (not heisi related), but I think it is win 7 thing. Try restart heidi.
ianbram posted 5 years ago
Believe me I have restarted Heidi many times and still cannot copy or paste from the application. While it may not be a problem with Heidi itself it is the only application that I am having the problem with so any help would be appreciated.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Guess this is issue #2810. Well, believe is not the problem, it's just not reproducible for me, so I'm unable to fix anything, yet.
ianbram posted 5 years ago
Yes it certainly sounds like issue #2810 - I noticed I have already left a comment there.
janyan28 posted 5 years ago
I was having exactly the same problem, and found that if I closed Internet Explorer the problem went away! Only IE (I'm on IE9). Firefox doesn't cause the same problem. I'm running HeidiSQL
albrechr posted 5 years ago
This was driving me insane. For those too lazy to look at the issue #2810 link, I just want to confirm that removing the Skype click to call plug-in does resolve this problem.
binnysaji posted 5 years ago
I just removed the 'skype click to call' and still the copy paste doesn't work in my machine

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