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Right-to-Left languages.

Ash501's profile image Ash501 posted 7 years ago in General
In HeidiSQL DATA grid RTL is shown somewhat correctly... it displays end of data line, would prefer to see the beginning of the data.

Also the query editor is almost impossible to search/edit RTL strings...any tips?
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 7 years ago
I'm sorry but it seems I never had to care about RTL languages in HeidiSQL, and so these are not supported very well. Fortunately VirtualTree supports it, as you say the grid is almost showing correctly.
Ash501's profile image Ash501 posted 7 years ago
It's all very useful still, even without care wink, can tell you from experience using HeidiSQL with RTL languages.

If you change your mind about it, the query editor is probably the Achilles heels for RTL languages using HeidiSQL...

Good Luck, and thanks Anse!

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