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murilo_cunha posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
I would like a SUM at the end of the column at the grid. Add a SUM/AVG/COUNT option on PopupMenu of the grid. Similar to PL / SQL Developer from Allround Automation.

Sorry my bad English.

Gostaria de um somatorio/media/contgem de valores para uma coluna que eu selecionasse. Semelhante ao que existe para o ORACLE, no PL/SQL Developer.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
Have a screenshot of how that looks like in PL SQL?
murilo_cunha posted 4 years ago
Looks like:


ansgar posted 4 years ago
Although such a button might help in some rare situations, I can't find a place where HeidiSQL has room for such a button, without creating clutter.

Be honest, how often do you make use of such a "sum" function over selected rows/fields?
murilo_cunha posted 4 years ago
I think to use this function to make sure I selected the correct lines.
It could be an option in the popup menu of the grid.

Sorry my bad english (google translator)
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Hm, I think also the popup menu has much clutter already, and such things are very rarely used, so I prefer to leave it to a user firing a query using SUM().

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