Opening SQL file to work offline?

chrismv48 posted 5 years ago in General
Hello all,

I am eager to disclose that I HAVE searched this forum extensively for an answer to my question, but haven't seen any conclusive workarounds...

Also please note I'm a complete novice, so please bare with me.

I am a student attempting to learn SQL outside of class and to start out, I was using phpmyadmin since I already had hosting at 1and1.com. I feel that while phpmyadmin is adequate for basic stuff, I was missing out on the power and ease of use of some of the SQL clients I'd been reading about. So I decided to download Heidi and give begin editing my database using that. The problem is, my host won't allow me to connect to the database using an outside client without upgrading my account to a 'Server Package' or something similar.

As a workaround, I exported my database to an SQL file, and attempted to open using Heidi. That's when I ran into the prompt to enter server information. I tried using localhost, and the username/pw for my windows account but nothing has worked.

Is it just not possible to do this with Heidi, or is there something I'm doing wrong?
jfalch posted 5 years ago
heidisql is only a client software; you also need a database server to execute sql.

download server software from MariaDB">http://mirror2.hs-esslingen.de/mariadb">MariaDB or MySQL, and install and configure it on your computer (this is probably easier with MySQL, which has a configuration wizard).

then you can call heidisql to connect to this server via localhost on your pc, and execute an sql file.
jfalch posted 5 years ago
sorry, MariaDB download link is broken in previous post; see here, and choose "MSI Package" / "Windows 32-bit".
chrismv48 posted 5 years ago
Hey, thx for the quick reply. Turns out you can connect to the localhost, I just had to configure mysql properly then input those credentials into Heidi...however now I'm having trouble importing the SQL file which may soon appear as a new post smile

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