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guyweisz posted 5 years ago in General
Hi, first I'd like to tell you I enjoy very much working with your software, I've been doing so for quite a while now and it's really great - simple and reliable.

That said, I wanted to know if there's any possibility in the future to add MS Access to the list of supported databases. I know the limitations, being a phiysical file and such, but I really think such a feature would be useful for many people and innovative.

I have been looking for a GUI interface for MS Access for quite a while now, mostly because I usually need to update records manually, and I am quite tired of having to dowload and upload the files repeatedly.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
Well, Access itself is the best GUI for Access files I'd say. If you don't like the Access GUI you should switch to a different database system, e.g. MySQL or whatever.
guyweisz posted 5 years ago
Hi again,

Well, what I meant to say is a GUI interface for a server-side Access database (used for web applications).

Of course Access is its own GUI, but what I'd like to do is update data on the web directly, like I've been doing with your software for MySQL, not having to download and upload the database (mdb file) each time I need to update a record manually (and as I found out during my searches, I am not the only one by far).

As of switching to a tabular database, I usually do work with MySQL but in the case of this specific website I can't, since it involves Hebrew and MySQL allocation and encoding system has many problems dealing with it.

BTW, I wish HeidiSQL would solve the problems with updating information in none-Latin languages.

Other than that, as I said, very useful software.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
HeidiSQL is fully Unicode compliant, passes anything through what MySQL allows as charset. If you see broken hebrew characters, I'm sure the underlying table and/or columns have a wrong collation. I heard of such problems a thousand times, when after all it was a wrong charset and/or broken table contents.

However, if you can't access your Access file from within the Access GUI, how should HeidiSQL do that? If there was support for Access files, HeidiSQL would of course need to write to your .mdb file, through some ODBC driver. You would still be required to upload the file after modifying it. There is no Access server like there is for MySQL for instance.
jfalch posted 5 years ago
perhaps odbtp can help to solve your problem. It must however be installed (as a service) on the server where the .mdb file is; i.e. you must have rights to do so (or know someone who does), and you must use an odbtp capable client application (eg the PHP extension).

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