Should I backup the information_schema?

Soporose posted 5 years ago in Import/Export
Hi folks.

When doing a backup by Export, is it necessary to include the information_schema, or will just the database be sufficient to effect a recovery if needed?

Whenever I do an Export which includes the information_schema I get:

Rows: error
Duration: SQL error (1289) The 'SHOW PROFILE' feature is disabled...

Rows: error
Duration: SQL error (1227) Access denied; you need the PROCESS,SUPER privilege for this operation

I'm guessing these aren't important messages/omissions as far as a safety backup is concerned. Right or wrong?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
information_schema should never be backuped, for the same reason why you never backup the result of a SHOW TABLE STATUS result, or SHOW PROCESSLIST. This db only contains transient information which can be very useful at runtime, but never contains any real data you need afterwards for anything.
Soporose posted 5 years ago
Understood, and thank you.

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