SQLITE import ou export

media90cj posted 5 years ago in General
i use my phone to create and edit sqlite3 database but it seems so dificult to migrate for mysql or vice versa. can you put a command to import or export in sqlite format?
jfalch posted 5 years ago
it generally is quite difficult to migrate from one database system to another, and generally not doable mechanically without great effort (which is not available in a freeware product for one particular database). welcome to the real world.

I would advise you to
a) export sqlite database definition and data to an .sql file;
b) edit this with a text editor and change sqlite´s non-standard CREATE TABLE clauses into MySQL´s; mysql does not have INTEGER, REAL or TEXT, use INT, DECIMAL or VARCHAR, where you must know the maximum length of your column´s data to do this (eg VARCHAR(25)) since mysql, unlike sqlite, needs to know the maximum size of data fields.
c) create an appropriate database in myqsl,
d) feed the modified .sql to it and hope for the best.
media90cj posted 5 years ago
my only good app is the DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL is a tool for database conversion but is shareware.
anyway using the export .sql bring some trouble making a import on various apps for sqlite. well i try using the simple csv format.

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