Tabs Colored to Match Session Background Color

gdprogrammer59 posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
I recently found the ability to set the session background color but was wondering what was thought of using that color as the background color for the tabs or something on the right side? I have the same databases on different hosts open at the same time and thought I clicked on a table (but something missed) and inadvertently worked on the same table.

I searched the forum and the issue tracker for something similar and didn't see anything similar (but it doesn't mean there isn't one) and my apologies if there is a similar topic.

I really like HeidiSQL and it is a lot more convenient than any other tool available! Thank you for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!
ansgar posted 5 years ago
The query tabs are not bound to a session. Any button you click and any query you fire, the only place to look for the active session is the database tree.
m.lohse posted 8 months ago

Some news about this? Could there be a internal request to the session tree to get the session (and its color) the query will be executed on or something? Would be really great if there could be a session color indication on the tab or query window background.

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