copying data base file (*.frm)

lecosaque posted 5 years ago in Import/Export

In a 1st step I have installed a wrong version of easyphp.With this version I started a wordpress config and I have created a database.
In a 2nd step I have replaced this wrong version without having exported the created DB.

I try to copy data base files (*.frm) in the sql/data's folder -> In Heidi SQL I see the DB but it is empty (no table) !
Do you know if there is a way to get back the previously created tables?

Best regards,

ansgar posted 5 years ago
For MyISAM tables there are more than these .frm files. You need one .myd file for the data and one .myi file for indexes per table, so you have 3 files for one table.

Also, MySQL strongly recommends not to mess with these files! If you copy or move them, you should at first shutdown the server (mysqld.exe).

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