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paulb posted 7 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
I installed HeidiSQLPortable7.0, and imported settings with the proper command. However, I see that my list of serers has not been imported from the previous version.
Hoq can I perform this?
I've got very plenty of Servers defined...
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Settings for the portable are placed into the portable_settings.txt file, with an additional, temporary folder in registry while the application runs. Probably the import does not work in portable mode.

What file did you try to import? Was it a .txt file or a .reg file? If you previously were using the portable version, you should just overtake the portable_settings.txt, nothing more.
paulb posted 7 years ago
It's odd, I have the portable_seetings.txt in the newer version (7.0), ma I don't find it in the old version (4.0).
Despite this was a Portable Version (in fact, it is placed in the HeidiSQLPortable4.0 folder), I find a subfolder called "Registry" and a .reg file, which is the one I tried to import.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
HeidiSQL 4.0 portable used a different approach for storing its settings. Well, it's indeed too old to get settings imported. You should have made updates inbetween. However, you can do the following:
* exit all heidisql.exe instances (portable or not)
* start regedit.exe
* navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL\
* I guess you see a subkey "Servers", imported from that .reg file, right?
* if yes, you just need to start HeidiSQL without the portable_settings.txt in place (just rename or move that file). Now click File > "Export settings", and chose "portable_settings.txt" in the HeidiSQL folder.
* that's it. Exit the non-portable instance of heidisql.exe, and restart, now in portable mode. You should see sessions now.
paulb posted 7 years ago
I did it as you've suggested.
At last I've got a portable_settings.txt file with all my servers (dimension: 108kb).
However, if I run HeidiSQL (the portable 7.0 version) a second time, I mean after having created this file, it seems not to read it, because the list of servers is empty, and if I click "Cancel" the new portable_settings.txt is 3 kb and with no servers.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Then, you did not export the portable_settings.txt to the directory where your portable Heidi resides, did you?
paulb posted 7 years ago
Yes, I did.
I renamed the existing portable_settings.txt.
Then I ran HeidiPortable7.0 without this file, in fact it read servers from th register and I saw all them.
Then I exported settings to the portabl_setting.txt in the folder of the Portable Heidi 7-0 (the same place eherre there was the renamed file).
I saw that this file contained all my servers, in fact it grew till 108 kb.
I ran Heidi Portable 7.0 anther time, and this time it seemed not to read the settings, because it showed me no Servers.
I exited the program, and the portable_settings.txt became 3kb, losing all servers that were written in the export.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Hm, if you want you could export again, and send me that 108k file, so I can analyze and probably fix what's wrong. Be aware that it contains encrypted passwords, but be sure I won't use any of them and I'll delete the file irreversible afterwards.
paulb posted 7 years ago
I sent you the file by e-mail.
Is there another way to upload it in the post?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No, this forum cannot handle uploaded files. However, the file you sent me was a .reg file. Please update your Heidi build.
paulb posted 7 years ago
I downloaded the Portable version yesterday from this site......
This is the result of the download:
22/10/2012 14:35 3.263.963

And this is the folder unzipped:
Directory di D:\Program Files\HeidiSQLPortable7.0

03/05/2006 19:58 18.330 gpl.txt
12/02/2012 14:07 5.300.224 heidisql.exe
06/12/2011 13:17 2.279.752 libmysql.dll
12/02/2012 13:15 1.905 license.txt
20/11/2010 18:56 0 portable_settings.txt
21/06/2011 06:29 3.601 readme.txt

Obviously, now in my folder there is the new portable_settings.txt that I have exported.
I created this selecting "File>Export Settings", the menu presented me ".reg" as default extension, I modified it in ".txt", selected the name of the file, and the result was the file I sent you.
What was wrong?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
The ZIP file does not have the latest build. You need to check for updates and click the button "Download and install build ...", within HeidiSQL > Help > "Check for updates". Or download the latest heidisql.exe build from the download page, see it in "Nightly builds". That's important as the export format has changed recently, from registry file to a homebrewn text format.
paulb posted 7 years ago
Ok, it finally works!
Thank you very much for your support and the time you spent!
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Glad to hear that!

I'll go and delete your mail with the attached settings file now.

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